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Publishes a daily news story on climate and energy. Our mission has always been to provide reliable, accessible climate science journalism in order to inform a world where climate misinformation is commonplace and where climate change still isn't a mainstream concern.

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Save wildlife, save forests, and avoid pandemics
Covid-19 emerged from the wilderness. That alone is reason to protect the forests, control trade in wildlife -- and avoid pandemics.

Ireland's Supreme Court damns climate policies
The country's highest judicial authority, Ireland's Supreme Court, says the government's climate policy is not up to the job.

Bigger cars make bigger profits, but only for a few
Manufacturers who promote bigger cars earn more but harm efforts to cut carbon emissions and reduce unhealthy air.

The poor pay for the grim legacy of uranium mining
Uranium mining costs humans dearly. The nuclear industry prefers not to discuss the price paid by miners and their families.

Waste plastic cascade could triple in 20 years
In a throwaway world, some discards are forever. New research measures the crisis of the world's waste plastic.

World's nuclear fusion dream takes a leap forward
The biggest science experiment on Earth could avert climate change. But is there still time for nuclear fusion to work?

Holidays at home can help to slow climate heating
Staycationing ˆ' spending holidays at home ˆ' can protect the planet by cutting the aircraft emissions which heat the Earth.

Rising heat affects Europe's floods and droughts
Patterns of Europe's floods and droughts are starting to change: each could be more extreme, and far likelier with rising heat.

Food shortage may finish polar bears by 2100
How long polar bears can survive depends on how long they can last without food. And that may be: not long enough.

Human climate change causes Arctic's record heat
The coldest place in the Arctic has experienced record heat. Climate change has made this 600 times more probable.