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Publishes a daily news story on climate and energy. Our mission has always been to provide reliable, accessible climate science journalism in order to inform a world where climate misinformation is commonplace and where climate change still isn't a mainstream concern.

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Poor and rich face economic loss as world warms
Yet another study predicts economic loss as the world gets hotter. And the richer nations will also feel the pain.

Climate denial is reported more than science
The thermometer is rising, the world faces a crisis: of that, scientists are sure. But you may not know it from the climate denial the media report.

"Small' nuclear war could bring global cooling
Smoke from Canadian forest fires was so vast it bore comparison to a nuclear bomb's mushroom cloud -- and the global cooling that might unleash.

Politics tops science under Trump
If you don't like the news, then suppress it ˆ' because politics tops science in the US today, researchers are finding.

Unique climate change has no natural cause
The planet is warming faster than ever, worldwide. Scientists know this unique climate change is not caused by nature. But they checked again, to be certain.

Cheap renewables will price out oil on roads
Petrol- and diesel-driven cars will soon vanish, as oil-based fuel already costs three times more than cheap renewables.

Hot future prompts new ideas for cool cities
Higher temperatures must mean more energy just to cool cities -- which means even more heat. But ingenuity is already proposing answers.

Fracking's methane leaks drive climate heat
One likely cause of the inexorable rise in global heat is fracking's methane leaks from the shale gas industry.

Humans cause Antarctic ice melt, study finds
Yes, it's us. Human activities are to blame for at least part of what's melting the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, scientists say.

Ocean heat waves damage reefs and kill coral
Heat extremes on land can kill. Ocean heat waves can devastate coral reefs and other ecosystems -- and these too are on the increase.