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Publishes a daily news story on climate and energy. Our mission has always been to provide reliable, accessible climate science journalism in order to inform a world where climate misinformation is commonplace and where climate change still isn't a mainstream concern.

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Cocaine traffickers fuel climate change
An ever-expanding US market for cocaine is leading to drug traffickers destroying swathes of tropical forest to create new transport routes.

"Upside-down rivers' speed polar ice loss
Researchers move closer to understanding the invisible dynamics that drive the loss of polar ice shelves -- but what it means for global warming is still uncertain.

Vineyards battle to keep the Champagne cool
As rising temperatures threaten the vines that produce Champagne, concerned growers are fighting to adapt to the very real threat of climate change.

Extreme heatwaves pose spreading threat
Rising temperatures mean that heatwaves will become hotter, more frequent, last longer and will cover much wider areas.

Hurricanes wreak greater havoc as temperatures soar
Devastation caused by the most powerful hurricanes has increased by up to twentyfold, according to a newly-identified pattern in natural disasters.

Penguins in peril as winds change and heat rises
New weather patterns in the warming Antarctic are leaving thousands of penguins in peril, prompting calls for them to be specially protected.

Water stress rises as more wells run dry
Soon, communities and even nations could be drawing water faster than the skies can replenish it. As the wells run dry, so will the rivers.

Rebellion grows against climate emergency
Global protestors disrupt traffic and target government buildings to protest at the lack of action to halt the climate emergency.

Science counts humankind's carbon output
We leave the planet's volcanos far behind on greenhouse gas emissions: humankind's carbon output can exceed theirs by 40 times -- to our cost.

Human ancestors lived in a low-carbon world
Carbon dioxide levels are higher now than in all human history, and prehistory too: a low-carbon world nurtured our distant forebears.