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Classes and Courses

How You Can Connect With Nature To Create Balance and Well-Being

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  • Learn How to Live in a Deeply Satisfying Partnership with the Earth, Whether You’re a Townie or a Farmer
  • Enjoy Accessing the Intelligences of Nature
  • Discover Practical and Easy Ways to Get Answers to important questions by using your own body.
  • Take control of your life by knowing what you need, when you need it.

About the training in-depth, please click here.

Life Principles

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Taken to heart, these principles inspire you to:

  • Take back your life
  • Banish drama and trauma
  • Recover from addictions
  • Stop the judgment and end the blame
  • Dissolve your stress, worry, and fear
  • Remove your victim mindset forever
  • Love life and thrive again
  • Experience the Authentic Self you have always been

To experience the training, please click here. And by the way, if you would like a sizeable discount on everything, use coupon VI1901LPTFULL on the signup page.

Earth Whisperer Master Class

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Wouldn't it be fantastic to grow together with a group of like-minded Earth Whisperers? To "tune-in" to the Earth in ways we have not yet begun to dream of? To become someone better than you can imagine? A course in deepending your Earth Whisperer experience is being held. And you are invited.

To experience the training, please click here. You can get a good discount by using coupon VI1901LPTFULL on the signup page.