Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center
Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center

Are You An Earth Whisperer?

I was sitting under the trees in my camp chair with my dog Max enjoying the fine autumn weather, relaxing and thinking about nothing, when the question arose in me, "What is an Earth Whisperer?" And perhaps more importantly, "Am I an Earth Whisperer?"

This was a big concern for me. When I heard about the Earth Whisperer training program for the first time, I experienced an exciting, inner "yes!" about participating. But a doubt arose -- can I really be a part of this? Am I "qualified?" Do I know what an Earth Whisperer is? And am I one?

As I examined my doubt, the answer came to me in a flash, in a split-second of knowing. I got my answer instantly. As usual when instant knowing occurs, it took my brain a while to parse through all that understanding.

What is a "whisperer" after all? The term whisperer originated from the book called The Horse Whisperer written by Nicholas Evans. Since then, it's been used by many others, including Cesar Millan as the Dog Whisperer.

Both are someone who can "tune-in" to the animals. By focusing on the animal, they know what needs to be done -- not because they got the info from a book or the Internet, but because of their appreciation and love for the animals.

Who, Therefore, Is An Earth Whisperer? Was I An Earth Whisperer?

In my instant of knowing, the answer became quite clear.

Town Main Street

When I was younger, I never paid attention to my Earth environment. I had my job, a car and what I thought of as a "good life." If I gave any thought at all to Nature, it was as a background to what I was doing. Yes, the trees, mountains and sky were all around, but they simply served as the background set on the stage of my life.

Since that time, Nature has transformed from the "background" of my life into the "foreground." Especially when cycling on long trips, as I rode over the mountains, I saw that towns and cities were planted in the midst of their surrounding environment -- and were situated because of the surrounding environment!

My perspective had shifted. I was living on the Earth first; and all else was secondary. The Earth became foregound; houses and streets the background.

Allowing A Loosening Of What I Had Been Taught

At first, I journeyed to magnificent, natural scenic places to "get my fix" of Nature, but I soon realized that anywhere on the Earth is a beautiful, scenic place. I learned to release my judgments about what qualified as "beautiful" and "scenic" as I experienced that it was all beautiful and scenic. To do that required a loosening of what I had been "taught" about beauty and majesty.

Sitting quietly in a beautiful, natural surrounding, (i.e., anywhere on the natural Earth) it's easy to feel your connection -- if you want to. After all, what is a connection? It is as simple as felt appreciation, as gratitude and love for all you see.

In my "instant of knowing" I finally understand what I felt about the Earth. Gratitude and appreciation to know that all our lives are spent within the glorious magnificence of the Earth ecosystem.

Do You Want To Share the Joy and Life and Love of the Earth?

Yeah Earth

If you appreciate the Earth, then you are an Earth Whisperer. If you want to do what you can to make the Earth an even better place, then you are an Earth Whisperer. And if your desire is to share the joy and life and love of the Earth, then you are certainly an Earth Whisperer.

Wouldn't it be fantastic to grow together with a group of like-minded Earth Whisperers? To "tune-in" to the Earth in ways we have not yet begun to dream of? To become someone better than you can imagine?

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