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Here are articles with information that you won't see anywhere else. Plus curated content that presents you with the know-how for supporting the Earth in the time to come. This the the time of the Earth.

How You Can Connect With Nature To Create Balance and Well-Being

How You Can Connect (Really Connect) With Nature
To Create Balance and Well-Being

Are you feeling disconnected from the life force of Nature? And feeling that your health and well-being leave much to be desired? Do you understand just how much people in the modern world have become disconnected from Nature, so strongly that it affects everything in their life, perhaps without them even realizing it? Do you yourself know people who feel there is something missing in their life, but they just cannot quite put their finger on what it is?

Imagine if there was a way to connect (really connect) with Nature and the Earth to find the balance and peacefulness that you need in your life. What would your life be like if you could learn a practical, simple way to access the intelligence of Nature, and get satisfying answers to your questions – about your body, your environment and your whole life? Click Here for an online course that can easily teach you how to develop such a relationship with Nature.

How do we work with the Earth to become a true friend of the Earth?

Earth Know How – A Vision Statement

How do we work with the Earth to become a true friend of the Earth? How do we become aware of what is happening on the Earth? How do we actually communicate with the Earth?

How can I live on the Earth in a way that co-operates with the Earth? How can I know what needs to be done to assist the Earth as what is coming starts to happen? How can I live in balance on the Earth and know what to do, as these changes happen?

Embracing the Life Principles

Unlock Your Human Potential With 13 Life Principles

With Video How to break the shackles of fear, unworthiness and melodrama and claim a life of purpose, passion and meaning. These Life Principles support any person who yearns for a prison-break from the harsh realities of the human condition and wants to experience the freedom of who they have always been.

You have felt yearning for years, maybe even your whole life. It has been the underlying driving force in your insatiable quest to learn, grow, evolve, and serve. The Life Principle Training will take you to the next level!

What Is An Earth Whisperer?

What Is An Earth Whisperer?

Did you know that when people migrated eons ago, there was a rare human being who was loved by the Earth? Mastering the universal language of feeling, Earth Whisperers honored the Earth with their thoughts and deeds.

Before agriculture, Earth Whisperers could remove human emotional debris from large bodies of water to support the intelligence of nature. As a unique human-Earth go between, they understood the Earth was self-aware. The Earth loved them deeply, too, and missed their presence when their unique know-how was lost to the world.

Kickapoo State Park

The Earth Needs You Now!

This is a call to create a new ambassadorship for supporting the Earth and humanity as she rebalances the world. Together we can make a real difference on this Earth and in our world.

Forgotten understandings that provide the mastery to activate those ancient talents and access the deep wisdom are currently arriving in the world. They hold the promise to rekindle our memories, awaken our talents and inspire a new human-Earth accord.

Devils Tower. Wyoming

Are You An Earth Whisperer?

Wouldn't it be fantastic to grow together with a group of like-minded Earth Whisperers? To tune-in to the Earth in ways we have not yet begun to dream of? To become someone better than you can imagine?

What is a "whisperer" after all?

This Is The Time Of The Earth

"We're all going to get to see this one together; even the people who deny climate change. Who has got any way out of this? Earth Whisperer Family holds the knowledge of a profound transformation inside yourself. This is the real answer to the age-old question, "Who Am I?" The know-how for how to do this is right here. "

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