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Online Video Course -- How You Can Connect With Nature To Create Balance and Well-Being

Awake 100 and the Earth Whisperer Training are deep work that continue over time as you evolve your Earth Whisperer state of being. Here is a different way to connect with Nature that can be learned and practiced immediately. It is no substitute for the work of evolution and supporting the Earth in her time of balancing, but is a practical and satisfying way to get answers to questions about your body, your life and your land -- simply by asking Nature (which includes your own body.)

Mountains and a Lake

Are you feeling disconnected from the life force of Nature? And feeling that your health and well-being leave much to be desired? Do you feel like your questions to "what's going on" never get answered to your satisfaction? And that somehow, you are losing control of your life?

Do you understand just how much people in the modern world have become disconnected from Nature, so strongly that it affects everything in their life, perhaps without them even realizing it? Do you yourself know people who feel there is something missing in their life, but they just cannot quite put their finger on what it is?

Happy, happy, happy

Imagine if there was a way to connect (really connect) with Nature and the Earth to find the balance and peacefulness that you need in your life. What would your life be like if you could access the intelligence of Nature, and get satisfying answers to your questions – about your body, your environment and your relationships?

Practical, Down-to-Earth Method

What if there was a way you could use a practical, down-to-earth method to get answers to important life questions by using your own body? And that was easy? Would you be interested in taking control of your life by being able to know what you need, when you need it? This is what is being offered: a way for you to establish a connection with Nature that is ongoing and will be with you, always.

All the answers to the above questions are yes, yes and yes. You can develop a deeply satisfying relationship with Nature -- and with your own body (which is, of course, a part of Nature.)

Here is an online course that can teach you how to develop such a relationship with Nature. This is something that anyone can do. For real. It's extremely practical. It's a physical process that anyone can do. It's simple. It's so simple children can pick it up, easily. When you learn how to do this, you'll wish you had been taught this ability a long time ago. Life could have been so much easier.

Questions and Answers

When you are finished with this course, you will have a tool that can help you live a much more satisfying life. You will gain an optimistic view of who we are within the world and the larger universe. You can easily get answers to questions about what's going on with your body and what's going on around you. This process can be used to help you in your everyday life with simple questions, like "Am I allergic to this food?" or "how many hours of deep sleep did I get last night?"

But it can also be used to allow you to design projects as big or as small as you like. You'll find yourself using this technique in your daily life. And you'll know how to use it to structure your activities over periods of time.

Ask Questions of Nature and Get Satifying Answers

I'm Burton Smith (my friends call me Shankar) and I've been partnering with the intelligence of Nature for more than 20 years now. My first experience with asking questions and receiving answers came about when I developed a desire to create a beautiful flower garden. I didn't know anything about gardening, but I knew what I wanted.

Fortunately, instead of picking a manual on "How to Garden" I was in the right place at the right time to discover how to ask questions of Nature. And let Nature give me the answers of how to create my garden. The process is simple, physical and easy to learn.

Sage with blue flowers

Using the entirely practical process of connecting to, and asking questions of Nature, I decided to do a little test. I wanted herbs in the garden, so I started using the process of asking questions to find out the colors of the flowers of various herbs. Hyssop – purple. Basil – white. Sage – blue. When I looked up the list of colors, they matched! That's when I knew I really had something.

That's a very simple example. Using the techniques taught in this course, you can go as deep as you like, and get clear, satisfying answers that you can verify. Not just to questions about plants, but to anything you can imagine. In the beginning, you won't be an expert, so you have to verify your answers. But as you gain experience, you'll start trusting – because of your own experience. You don't have to take anyone's word for this, even mine. You gain your own experience! And what can be better than having your own satisfying experience?

Yes, I Want This

You'll Get Your Own Experience

I've been connecting and working with Nature like this for a long time. Nobody gets to gainsay me about anything to do with this work. Why? Because I have my own experience. When I connect to a particular nature energy, my body fills with an enlivening and encouraging energy. I wish everyone could experience this. And you can! By following and practicing the techniques given in this course, you'll get your own experience, too. Then, you'll be exclaiming, "Wow! Wow! Wow!" just like I did, the first few times I tried this.

Here's what you're being offered by particpating in this course (which is a series of video lessons):

  • How You Can Connect With Nature

  • How You Can Ask Questions of Nature

  • How You Ask In the Most Effective Way

  • The Kind of Questions You Can Ask

  • How To Trust Your Answers

  • Who Can You Ask Questions Of?

  • Who are the "white-collar" and "blue-collar" energies of Nature?

  • How You Can Open a Session with Nature

  • Field of Daisies
  • Advanced Questioning

  • The Importance of Disconnecting When You Are Finished

  • What are the intentions of Nature?

  • Balance and Healing

  • Designing Your Partnership With Nature

  • Creating Your Projects With Nature

  • Understanding How Nature Responds to Your Intentions

  • Step-by-Step Process for How You Work with Nature

  • Example of Working with Nature on your Land

  • Following Through With Your Design

  • What If the Unexpected Happens to You (and Why This is a Good Thing)

  • What Can You Expect from Partnering With Nature?

  • Gaia and Cycles

  • Additional Info and Further Reading

  • Words of Wisdom from the Author


You want to know why I created this course? The answer is simple – I couldn't do anything else.

"Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still."
    …Henry David Thoreau

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What a charmer, eh?
That's me, Burton Smith

Sitting down every day and creating this course became a source of great joy. That's what success is – doing what you love because it's fun.