Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center
Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center

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This Is The Time Of The Earth (1 minute video)

"We're all going to get to see this one together; even the people who deny climate change. Who has got any way out of this? Earth Whisperer Family holds the knowledge of a profound transformation inside yourself. This is the real answer to the age-old question, Who Am I? The know-how for how to do this is right here."

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The Earth Needs You Now! (full article)
Awaken your Earth talents. Are you wondering whether you have to sit on the sidelines witnessing massive Earth events helplessly or whether you actually possess the ability to assist the Earth and humanity in this turbulent time of rebalancing? If such questions beckon you and make you wonder, something deeper may be stirring.

How You Can Generate Great Positive Energies To Help Balance The Earth
Practices exist to help us generate significant positive healing energies within ourselves, for the benefit of the Earth. When using these practices, land can be cleared of negative energies in the soil and water, whether it's your home, your town or a whole eco-range. And more. These practices (naturally) also heal and balance ourselves.

The Secret Of How Native People Knew Which Plants Heal And How They Heal
Herbs can be ingested by humans for positive benefit to the body. Plants have healing effects on the body: some small and some larger. And each plant has a specific healing effect on human bodies. How have Native peoples (from hundreds and thousands of years back) known about these healing qualities? Did they ingest every plant, hoping that it wouldn't kill them?

Earth Re-Balancing (5 minute video)

Is something happening on the Earth? The central issue of the human race in your lifetime will soon be the Earth issue. Nothing even remotely compares. No one has ever seen this before, in our lifetime. Is there an authority that actually knows? And how are you part of this?

How Can You Be a True Friend to the Earth?
How can I live on the Earth in a way that co-operates with the Earth? How can I know what needs to be done to assist the Earth? How can I live in balance on the Earth and know what to do (and how and when to do it) as changes start to happen? How can I be a true friend to the Earth?

Are You An Earth Whisperer?
I was sitting under the trees in my camp chair with my dog Max enjoying the fine autumn weather, relaxing and thinking about nothing, when the question arose in me, "What is an Earth Whisperer?" And perhaps more importantly, "Am I an Earth Whisperer?" In an instant of knowing, the answer became quite clear.

The Magic of Earth Whispering (3 minute video)

There's nothing in our history that tells us what it means when the Earth re-balances. Returning the magic of Earth Whispering to the present time, with a family of Earth Whisperers. We're here, we really are.