Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center
Earth Whisperer Research and Training Center

The Earth Needs You Now!

Creating a New Ambassadorship for Supporting the Earth

Humans and Earth once lived in accord. Deep respect, love, communication and understanding were the qualities of this human-Earth relation.

These human ancestors possessed extraordinary Earth talents, the echo of which continues to be heard in Aboriginal cultures today. We may have forgotten their talents but they are embedded in our memories and genetics. Our ancestors knew how to find water and food in deserts and remote mountain areas. They could sense Earth events before they arrived. They lived in complete confluence and reverence with the Earth.

A Call to ReAwaken Your Earth Talents

When agriculture began and humanity built technological and physical barriers to control nature, human beings lost their talents and deep Earth respect. But with today's volatile weather shaking our cities, dismantling our physical barriers and burying our modern way of life under rubble, floods, fire and ash, the call to return to an ancient human-Earth accord and reawaken our latent Earth talents has a new urgency.

Forgotten understandings that provide the mastery to activate those ancient talents and access the deep wisdom are currently arriving in the world. They hold the promise to rekindle our memories, awaken our talents and inspire a new human-Earth accord. That is the purpose of this Earth Whisper Training: Awaken Your Earth Talents. Did you feel the 9.0 Earthquake off Japan's coast before it set off the tsunami? Were you having dreams about tornadoes the week before the mile-wide tornado ripped through Alabama?

Something Deeper Stirring

Earth Quake

Did you get "pushed" by the Japanese after-shocks long after the Big One? Are you having dreams of people crying but don't know why? Do floods, hurricanes, tsunamis and solar flares seem more personal, impactful and important than ever before? Are you wondering whether you have to sit on the sidelines witnessing massive Earth events helplessly or whether you actually possess the ability to assist the Earth and humanity in this turbulent time of rebalancing? If such questions beckon you and make you wonder, something deeper may be stirring.

Your Earth Whisperer mantle may be summoning you. Earth Whisperers is our name for the individual who can sense Earth events before they occur and affect their outcome. Earth Whisperers have an innate, latent ability to talk with the Earth, make rain, create ozone, send life into the Earth's core, pull negative human thought debris out of the oceans and "hear" in-coming Earth events like earthquakes and tsunamis before they arrive. One way to recognize an Earth Whisperers is by their choice of parents. Earth Whisperers can trace their genetic lineage back to a time when their ancestors possessed these extraordinary talents--abilities that were once loved by the Earth.

These forgotten specialties of today's Earth ambassadors are gravely needed again. Why the Earth Needs Your Talents NOW... In this life-changing training, you will have the unique privilege to learn a new way of living, step onto the path of the Earth Whisper Walkabout and join others like yourself to uncover and empower your own Earth talents.

This is a call to create a new ambassadorship for supporting the Earth and humanity as she rebalances the world. Together we can make a real difference on this Earth and in our world.

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