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The Secret Of How Native People Knew
Which Plants Heal And How They Heal

In a sunny field, I sat down next to a yarrow plant. Yarrow plants are quite attractive with feathery bright green leaves. As I sat, I did the New Humanity practices of grounding and opening. Making the biofield as expanded as I could, I sat there opening to knowingness.


Yarrow is an herb. Yarrow can be ingested by humans for positive benefit to the body. Indeed, most every plant I saw in the field can be ingested as a tonic for the human body. All have healing effects on the body: some small and some larger. And each plant has a specific healing effect on human bodies. I wondered: what effect does yarrow have on the body? Not only that, but how have Native peoples (from hundreds and thousands of years back) known about these healing qualities? Did they ingest every plant, hoping that it wouldn't kill them?

Focusing and Knowingness

As I sat there focusing knowingness on the specific healing quality of yarrow, I got an insight about how to tell what effect a plant has on the body. I knew this came from knowingness because it's not something my brain would have ever thought of. What if I meditate with focus on ingesting the plant? What if I see myself take the plant and put it in my mouth, and swallow? And then sit in knowingness watching what is going on. What happens within the body? How does the body feel? What part of the body changes? This, I believe, is the secret of how Native people knew how plants could heal – by focusing on knowingness and watching (listening!) what happens to the body as the plant is ingested, meditatively.

This caused excitement to try just that. As I sat there focused on the body after seeing yarrow get ingested, nothing seemed to be happening. Knowingness didn't seem to reveal anything. Except that my body started jerking as it sometimes does when I am meditating. My brain put forth several suggestions, but I didn't want brain stories. I wanted knowingness. I almost gave up trying when Aha! I got it. What's causing the jerking? It's the nervous system !

Turns out my nervous system isn't 100% and that using yarrow as a green drink will help to heal and balance my nervous system. And that's why I was attracted to sit next to the yarrow plant in the first place.

Plants Balance the World Around Them

Plants Balance

But there's more. Yarrow doesn't exist for the benefit of human beings. Herbs that heal the body don't exist because humans need the healing. Plants balance all around them. They heal and balance the soil they are in, and they heal and balance all the other plants and trees that are around. All plants do that. And if a human is there, the plants help heal the human, too. But not because it's the purpose of the plant to heal humans, but because plants are there to heal everything around them.

If you read books on healing herbs, it's the underlying assumption that the purpose of the herbs is to heal people. They are there for the benefit to humans. And they stop there, at that point. They see humans as the greatest result of evolution; therefore, of course, other beings exists for the benefit of humans. Not so.

Just like all plants in the field are there to support each other, they're supporting people that are there, too. But not just the people. Everything! All beings on the Earth (including plants and trees) are there to benefit all – which balance the Earth. We're just another species of Earth – not the supreme result of all evolution.

All Beings Benefit Each Other

As I sat in the field, I looked at all these plants as such beautiful creations that help balance the Earth. I reveled in the fact that here I am, sitting in a field of Life where all Life in the field was helping balance everything. And I was just another part of the Earth. The plants were there, the trees were there, the minerals were there and I was there, not as anything special but part of the whole Earth. And we all benefit each other.

Humans are capable of putting immense positive energies into the Earth. To do that requires healing ourselves, both physically, emotionally and spiritually. All around us are the energies of the Earth willing and eager to help us make that healing. And all we need to do is reach out and take it.

How can you generate great positive energies to help heal the Earth? It doesn't happen just by thinking or wishing or saying that you have positive energies. It doesn't happen by simply visualizing that you have positive energies. To have positive energies, you need to heal the parts of yourself that you are (probably) not aware of, that block you from such energies. And that's a process. To heal the Earth, you heal yourself. And the process is truly glorious.

You can unlock the prison of the human condition to unleash a new stage of awareness for a quantum evolutionary leap.

Which is exactly what is needed to help heal the Earth.

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