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How to Work With Nature Intelligences

Nature is all around. Everyone knows that. But what is not so well-known is that Nature holds the answers to every question about Itself. And you can access whatever knowledge you need, directly from Nature. Wouldn't you want to learn how Nature is organized and how you can get answers right from the source?

When I created my first garden, I was asking questions of "Nature Intelligences." What are nature intelligences?

"Magic is a sudden opening of the mind to the wonder of existence. It is a sense that there is much more to life than we usually recognize; that we do not have to be confined by the limited views that our family, our society, or our own habitual thoughts impose on us; that life contains many dimensions, depths, textures, and meanings extending far beyond our familiar beliefs and concepts."

… John Welwood

Treasure Falls, Pagosa, Colorado

We are surrounded by Nature Intelligences. It’s how Nature works. These intelligences are non-corporeal and could be called "Nature Energies." Some sensitive persons "see" nature energies in forms with which that person is familiar. But most people (including myself) don’t see nature intelligences. My own experience is that, while I didn’t feel anything when I first started working with nature intelligences, now I do. I get strong feelings (of energy) when I connect to nature intelligences. My suspicion is that the energy was always there, but I had to become accustomed, in order to really feel it.

Nature intelligences are structured in two broad categories: Devas and nature spirits.


When a building is constructed, the first step is to be designed and planned by an architect. When the walls and floors are being added, workers of many skills accomplish such tasks.

Nature works in a similar fashion. Every plant, tree, flower and animal has an "architect" which contains all the information and design for that species. Throughout time, people who were aware of nature intelligences have called such architects "Devas." Thus, you have the Deva of the Tomato and the Deva of the Redwood, the Deva of the Geranium and the Deva of the Olive.

The Deva of the Tomato holds the complete "blueprint" for all tomato plants. All information about the tomato plants (as a species) is held by the Deva. There is only one Deva of the Tomato.

Nature Spirits

Just like you have hundreds of workers building a structure using the blueprint for that structure, similarly many "smaller" nature intelligences work with the individual plants and animals. These nature intelligences have been called by many different names (such as "nature energies"), but I prefer the name "nature spirits."

These nature spirits know exactly what each individual of any species needs, right now, at its’ location. You could consider Devas as being "global" whereas nature spirits are "local" and work with individual plants (or individual areas.) And yes, you can communicate with Devas and nature spirits. It’s practical, it’s easy and it’s fun!

Pagosa Valley, Colorado

Who Can Communicate with Nature?

It doesn’t require anybody to be "special" to do this. Just like air is available for everyone and you don’t need to be special to access air, the "availability" of nature spirits is there for everyone.

Seriously! Nature spirits want you to communicate. When a human acknowledges the existence of nature spirits and opens communication, they rejoice. Truly, what is most needed at this time is a partnership and communication between human and nature intelligences.

And you can do it! Yes, you can. You can use a process of asking questions of your body, to ask questions of the nature intelligences. But there’s a caveat…

You need to know who to ask, and you need to request to open the communication. When asking questions of your body, it’s always there to answer questions (and you’re always connected) but nature intelligences need to be acknowledged and a "session" opened when asking questions. They won’t refuse – it’s just the way things are done. You don’t just start talking with someone on the street, for example. You first make acknowledgement (by saying hello) and asking permission. If a person is busy, they’d refuse. Same process. You request communication and then test (yes/no) if you can proceed. I’ve never gotten a "no".

(The only way I can imagine that you’d get a "no" is if you were really distracted, thinking about something else, and not present. It’s good to be focused.)

Why Connect with Nature Intelligences

As you live and work with nature intelligences, everything around you heals and comes into balance. Including you. Any answers you receive from nature intelligences will always serve to increase life energy. Everywhere you look, you see the benefit obtained from increased life energy.

Any food grown with this process of working with the nature intelligences has much more vital energy than anything coming from factory farms. You become infused with life energy, your land becomes infused with life energy and you start to savor a peaceful, thriving life. Who would want to live any other way?

Online Course -- How You Can Connect With Nature To Create Balance and Well-Being